Employment Opportunities


Schedule: 1 day a week with hours of 4a.m. to 9:30a.m. and then 2:30p.m. to 7:00p.m. (normally on Wednesday but could change)




Be 25 years of age or over

Must have medical experience [at least 6 months)

Must have a valid dl Must have a clean driving record

Must be able to drive an extra large sprinter van

Must love animals Must be able to handle cats and dogs properly

Must be able to help clients

Must have a friendly, positive and patient demeanor


To apply: Call 601-420-2438 and leave a message for/ask for Sharon, Clinic Manager.

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  • commented 2017-01-03 22:02:26 -0600
    im 43 I dont have medical experance. But even our vet Doctor coward has asked me for advice on how to keep orphaned baby squirells alive and wanted to know what mixture we used to feed them. me and wife are animal fanatic we have 7 dogs 2 possums they were orphaned possums babys when we got em. We have had prarie dogs ,hedge hogs ,snakes ,spiders ,racoons,scorpions, lizards etc etc. I dont work so im free for those hours. Ive helped miss hart who runs rescue revolution driving animals to appts and has even drove to tupelo in there big van and picked up 5k lbs of dog and cat food for rescue revolution. We taken in many abandoned or orphaned wild animals and release em back to the wild. The only reason the possums werent returned is one got the calcium defecient disease and is almost completely blind and has weak bones due to this issue. My name and number is jason camp 601-559-4190 I know how to give shots to dogs,clip nails I always given our dogs there shots accept for rabies wich we get those at our vet doctor coward. Im sure doctor coward at pineview animal hospital or his daughter who also works there will tell you there are few people in the world that are animal lovers like we are. also hart koller the owner of Rescue Revolution of Mississippi im sure would also put in a good word for him