MS SPAN's Voucher Program
for Dogs & Cats

Spaying and neutering is the non-lethal solution to the pet overpopulation crisis!

     Based on the present-day birthrate of cats and dogs, to have enough homes for every animal born, every human being in the United States would need to own 6 dogs and 9 cats; therefore a family of 4 would have to care for 24 dogs and 36 cats! We recognize that this is an unworkable solution, so we have a great alternative!

Mississippi  Spay & Neuter (MS SPAN) can help you get your animal(s) fixed!

     If you meet one of the following conditions, contact us immediately for a spay/neuter voucher coupon valid at Veterinary offices all over Mississippi.

  • make less than $28,000 a year, or
  • rescue cats/dogs from the streets, or
  • trap/neuter/return feral cats

     The issuance of vouchers is based on availability of funds and grantor guidelines. Check your local veterinary office to see if they accept voucher coupons. Call MS SPAN to sign up for a spay and neuter voucher.

1-866-901-7729 (SPAY)


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