376 animals fixed in January

Out of the 238 female cats and dogs fixed in January, *99* of them were in heat. Can you imagine if they hadn't been fixed and were able to breed?? We'd have nearly 800 puppies and kittens born into a community with no open homes available, where shelters are bursting at the seams.

About half of our clients have a household income under $28,000 per year, and the fees we collect at the door only cover about 56% of our expenses. In order to keep spay/neuter affordable and accessible to all, and in order for us to help the animals most vulnerable to breeding, it is absolutely crucial that we have support from our community.

PAW (planned automatic withdrawal) members are a small but mighty group who give automatically every month. They are the lifeblood of our organization, because we can count on them when we budget and make plans for our future. They understand that solving the problem of overpopulation, homelessness and euthanasia for cats and dogs must come through prevention- spay and neuter. Please join the PAW family by clicking here.

THANK YOU to our current PAW members, true superheroes for animals:

🐾 Terry H. 🐾 Debra & Michael G. 🐾 Sarah M. 🐾 Leo K. 🐾 Katie P. 🐾 Peggy M. 🐾 George M. 🐾 Anastasia H. 🐾 Amber M. 🐾 Rachel & Nathan T. 🐾 Cynthia T. 🐾 Deirdre F. 🐾 Rachel S. 🐾 Brantley J. 🐾 Richard T. 🐾 Joan B. 🐾 Shelby S. 🐾 Euphiazene G. 🐾 Noreen K. 🐾 Jan L. 🐾 Kim S. 🐾 Roie G. 🐾 Virginia L. 🐾 Tanya F. 🐾 Kristen T. 🐾 Bama S. 🐾 Cheryl H. 🐾 Bonnie Y. 🐾 Marty D. 🐾 Ian & Melissa S. 🐾 Wells R. 🐾 Linda M. 🐾 Meade E. 🐾 Amy Jo M. 🐾 Gentry G. 🐾 Jill R. 🐾 Robin H. 🐾 Belinda B. 🐾 Wendy G. 🐾 Sue M. 🐾 Kayla R. 🐾 Teresa J. 🐾 Ann F. 🐾Cathy M. 🐾 Lisa C. 🐾 Caitlin O. 🐾 Brandy S. 🐾 Tammie L. 🐾 Cathy C. 🐾Raymond K. 🐾 Leigh R. 🐾 Anne C. 🐾 Stacy N. 🐾 Devona B. 🐾 Linda C. 🐾 Gladys S. 🐾 Mary P. 🐾

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