Spay/Neuter Initiative in zip code 39213

From September 2015 to September 2016, free spay and neuter services will be available to stray and feral cats in the 39213 zip code. 

After a local woman posted a photo on Facebook of a stray cat she burned alive, we looked back in our clinic records to see if stray and feral cats were being fixed in the area. What we found was that less than 20 animals from zip code 39213 had been fixed at our Big Fix Clinic in 2014, and less than 20 so far in 2015. 

It was clear to us that spay and neuter could be used as a tool to prevent cruelty to stray and feral cats by reducing their population, and thereby also reducing the stress that they can cause on communities where they continually breed. 

Our goal is to fix 350 stray and feral cats in zip code 39213 over the course of one year, and send an educational postcard to every household in the area on the importance of spay/neuter for these cats. The cost for this initiative is $5,000.  Thanks to our generous donors and a prize from Engage Mississippi, we have raised almost half of that amount so far. Check out our progress or donate here. 

We are looking for more volunteers to help trap and transport cats- please sign up if you are interested.

Cats fixed in this initiative will be vaccinated for rabies and ear-tipped. Clients must provide proof of residency.

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