How to Accommodate for an Additional Pet

Adding another pet into your home can be a lot of fun, but the way you introduce your new addition to other animals at home is important to their success in becoming a part of the family. Like people, pets can become shy or aggressive when a new animal is treading on their territory. So, while things may start off awkward, following these steps may help ease the tension and introduce your new pet to a loving home.

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Introduce your pets on neutral ground

Much like dogs playing at a dog park, introducing your pets on neutral ground takes some of the anxiety away from territorial aggression. Rather they can sniff each other out and become friends first.


It’s okay to sleep with both pets

Sleeping with your pet has been known to minimize anxiety by providing the emotional need of touch. The same holds true for your pet. Sleeping and cuddling up with both of your pets (as long as they are comfortable with it) can create a bonding experience that quickly turns into friendship.


Reduce Rivalry

Rivalry occurs when a new pet begins playing with and using your current pet’s stuff such as toys, food bowls, scratching posts, etc. Providing each pet with their own bowls and toys will help to minimize rivalry while they get to know each other.


Allow dogs to investigate

It’s natural for animals to investigate each other and while it may seem a bit scary to you, this is a natural process for animals to establish boundaries. For example, dogs will commonly sniff each other and may even growl or bark. If this happens it is important to let those emotions play out. Try to avoid harsh criticism or yelling and try to maintain a calm and soothing voice. Over time your pets will likely adjust.


Introducing a new pet to your home can have its obstacles, but the benefits far outweigh the initial concerns. Remember, it takes a gentle approach when introducing a new pet. You want your new pet to feel comfortable in a new environment while also showing your current pet that they are still your buddy.

Benefits of having multiple pets in the house

Bringing a new pet into your home provides several benefits both for you as well as other animals in your home.


Your pets have someone to play with when you’re not around

Unless you work from home there is a good chance that your pet feels lonely while you are away. Introducing a new animal to the home provides much-needed companionship to both of your pets.


Adds a new personality

Pets, much like people, all have different personalities. Introducing a new pet to the home only adds to the personality of the household. Shy and quiet, bubbly, goofy, or friendly, whatever your new pet’s personality it is sure to develop into an enjoyable experience.


Can liven a senior pet

As pets age and their routines become monotonous, sometimes introducing a younger animal to an older one help your senior pet regain some of its past excitement. On the other side, a senior pet can show the younger pet how to mature faster.

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