Big Thrift Renovation Fund

The Big Thrift store opened in 2014 as a fundraising partnership between Mississippi Spay and Neuter and Mississippi Animal Rescue League (MARL). 

In the summer of 2020, the store moved from Florence to Mississippi Spay and Neuter's new building in Richland. Both organizations stretched their budgets to finish as much work as possible on the store renovations. Half of the store remains unfinished, and we need your help to get it done! Though the initial costs to renovate are steep, we will be able to raise more funds with a larger retail space. Our thrift store is a permanent source of unrestricted funding that we believe will continue to grow with the help of our supporters!


Renovation Estimate: $42,000 total. This cost will be split between MS SPAN and MARL. 


                 New Storefront



          Completed Renovations



         Unfinished Renovations




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