Winter Locations To Visit With Your Best Friend

Often when we think about travelling with our four-legged best friends, we may imagine summertime destinations like the ocean, a favorite park, hiking trail or lake. But just because the temperature begins to drop, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still enjoy some spectacular adventures with one of our favorite road trip companions - our canines. Continue reading

Mary and Rosie

Mary's niece used to live down the street from her, until she moved out in a rush during a divorce, leaving her dog behind. Mary adopted the dog and took her in, not realizing that the dog had puppies who were living around her niece's property. The dogs were not socialized around people, and thus became feral. Mary began to feed the puppies each day in hopes that she could gain their trust. To her horror, one of them got her head stuck inside of a large plastic jar and was not able to get herself out of it.  Continue reading

Collar Safety: Why Cats Should Still Have One Even If Microchipped

For dog owners, having a collar for their pet, even though their canine is microchipped can stillbe a necessity when transporting, walking or tying them out somewhere. But for cat lovers,sometimes they believe that they don’t need a collar for their feline friend if they’ve already hada microchip inserted. But there’s many reasons why a cat should still wear a collar regardless ofthe popular use of this modern technology. Continue reading

LaTonya and Tiny

LaTonya moved to Jackson from Atlanta with her husband and son two decades ago. "I love it here. This is home." Continue reading

Things You Can Do to Help Stray Dogs in your Community

Strays are a problem in many communities, especially big cities where dogs often get lost or just plain abandoned. It is one of the reasons why animal shelters are overflowing with cats and dogs. But if you happen to spot a stray, here are some tips to follow that might make the difference between a happy or a sad outcome. Continue reading

Animal Health Alert: Distemper in Mississippi

The Mississippi Board of Animal Health (MBAH) has been receiving numerous anecdotal reports of cases of canine distemper virus (CDV) in wildlife, puppies and adult dogs. Some of the animals have been tested by the MS Veterinary Research and Diagnostic Laboratory (MVRDL) in Pearl, MS. Below is the information on the number of cases they have seen since 2013. Please note the increase in positive cases (blue) since that time. So far in the first five months of 2017, they have tested more positive cases of distemper than they did the entire year in 2016. They report that the primary positive species in 2016 and 2017 to date have been primarily raccoons, foxes, and dogs (puppies and adults) Continue reading

Vernon and Coda, Senior Fund Recipients

Thanks to many generous donors, we were able to make surgeries more affordable for 107 pets of seniors 55+.  Continue reading

Man convicted of poisoning cats in Flowood accepts deplorable plea bargain

Update from In Defense of Animals:  In a plea bargain, Pyron pled guilty to two felony counts for poisoning the animals with Golden Malrin Fly Bait, the active ingredients can even be a danger to adult humans, and was handed a prison sentence of 3 years, 3 suspended, and a $500.00 fine on both counts. Pyron was further ordered to pay the $50 crime lab fee and court costs of $113, a total of $1,163. Pyron was ordered not to own a cat and will be subject to the loss of privileges stripped of felons. If Pyron violates any condition of his sentencing he will face the 6 - year suspended prison term and a fine to be determined by a judge. It is an outrage that Pyron escaped his prison term. The fine of $500 is a mockery of justice in itself. Join us in letting District Attorney Michael Guest know our disapproval of his bargaining away justice for the innocent animals who suffered death at the hands of this despicable criminal. Continue reading

Pup Patrol 6615

Brandon Elementry School in Brandon, MS provides students an opportunity to participate in Venture, a program for gifted students. This program provides students with semester long hands-on projects. The 5th Grade Venture class was led by Mrs. Donna Mabus to participate in First Lego League's 2016 Challenge, Animal Allies, as rookies! The teams researched different animal populations and problems related to them. One of our teams selected 'Pup Patrol' as team name because they wanted to crusade on behalf of dogs trapped in animal shelters. Because "They're kinda' in a pickle, 'Ya know!" Pup Patrol identified an opportunity to help reduce the number of shelter dogs by helping the community spay and neuter their pets. Pup Patrol also designed, built, programmed, and refined a robot capable of meeting the Animal Allies challenges. Many nights and weekends were spent polishing all aspects of Pup Patrol's presentations and 'Murphy', the team's robot. Continue reading

David, Penny and Nickel

David, or “the dog man” as his neighbors call him, has always loved dogs. His pets have lived happy long lives with him throughout the years. Recently he decided to go to Jackson Animal Control, the city shelter, to find a dog to adopt. He fell in love with Penny. Continue reading