Getting a letter from a client in the mail is one of our favorite things! It makes our day to hear about how our services allow more people to help animals.  Continue reading

Remembering Barry

Barry was rescued in 2001 by MS SPAN's founders, Elaine and Marilyn. He was adopted by Anita, who wrote this remembrance after his passing. Continue reading

Tips and Facts About Animal Theft And Loss

As animal lovers and pet parents, the thought of losing our precious animals is just the same as having a human child abducted or lost. That moment of sheer terror when your constant companion disappears, has gone missing or you simply can’t find them for longer than five minutes, is completely terrifying. Once a few hours turns into several days, weeks or even months, this loss is often insurmountable. But there are some ways we can prepare and prevent ourselves from experiencing these kinds of tragedies. Beyond the obvious methods of identifying our pets in case of loss, we arm them with ID tags, microchipping, or even tattoo them. While these traditional methods are worthy, but there’s more we can do to prevent this type of devastating loss. Continue reading

Mississippi Rabies Vaccination Laws

Why do we require animals to be current on their rabies vaccines or to be vaccinated at the time of surgery? Read the state statutes that we must comply with and others that pet parents should know. Continue reading

Mississippi’s Top 10 Dog Parks and Beaches

With deep southern roots, the Magnolia State was named for the mighty river that makes up the entire, larger western border. There’s many places you can take your four-legged friends to enjoy the sand, especially beaches to the south along the Gulf Coast. There’s also plenty of dog parks to take them to explore the great outdoors. Unless your pet suffers from Canine Vestibular Apparatus (that’s a fancy, technical term for motion sickness), consider many of these dog-friendly venues in Mississippi that made their way into our top ten list: Continue reading

what is hermaphroditism?

The Big Fix Clinic fixed a dog with hermaphroditism last week, a very rare condition caused by chromosomal normalities.  Continue reading

Dispelling Myths about Surgery Protocols at the Big Fix Clinic

I, Elaine Adair, as President of Mississippi Spay and Neuter (MS SPAN) and Vice-President of Operations for the Big Fix Clinic (BFC) would like to address the public comments made by Toba Woodruff on Mississippi Pet Alert’s Facebook page regarding our surgery protocol.   Continue reading

Organization Highlight: Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter

Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter is a group of volunteers who help the critters at the City of Jackson Animal Shelter.   Continue reading

George or Gracie? Why it's important to fix before 5 months

Did you know that female cats can become pregnant as early as 5 months? Elaine learned that her cat, whom she thought was a male, was actually pregnant and in her 3rd trimester! At The Big Fix Clinic, we can fix cats as soon as they weigh 3lbs, at about 12 weeks old.  Continue reading

Mississippi Spay and Neuter Lends a Hand in Opening Oxford Spay/Neuter Clinic

 Exciting News from North Mississippi – The Oxford-Layfette Humane Society will soon have their very own high-volume spay/neuter facility! Mississippi Spay and neuter and the Big Fix Clinic are working closely with our allies in Oxford to help them with the logistics of opening and operating their new clinic. We appreciate their willingness, hard work and dedication. Together we will save many more animals in our state! Continue reading