Dispelling Myths about Surgery Protocols at the Big Fix Clinic

I, Elaine Adair, as President of Mississippi Spay and Neuter (MS SPAN) and Vice-President of Operations for the Big Fix Clinic (BFC) would like to address the public comments made by Toba Woodruff on Mississippi Pet Alert’s Facebook page regarding our surgery protocol.   Continue reading

Organization Highlight: Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter

Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter is a group of volunteers who help the critters at the City of Jackson Animal Shelter.   Continue reading

George or Gracie? Why it's important to fix before 5 months

Did you know that female cats can become pregnant as early as 5 months? Elaine learned that her cat, whom she thought was a male, was actually pregnant and in her 3rd trimester! At The Big Fix Clinic, we can fix cats as soon as they weigh 3lbs, at about 12 weeks old.  Continue reading

Mississippi Spay and Neuter Lends a Hand in Opening Oxford Spay/Neuter Clinic

 Exciting News from North Mississippi – The Oxford-Layfette Humane Society will soon have their very own high-volume spay/neuter facility! Mississippi Spay and neuter and the Big Fix Clinic are working closely with our allies in Oxford to help them with the logistics of opening and operating their new clinic. We appreciate their willingness, hard work and dedication. Together we will save many more animals in our state! Continue reading

Big Fix Clinic passed its premise evaluation with flying colors!

Our evaluation comments read: “An excellent spay/neuter clinic.”  Thank you to our clinic staff for providing high quality care to thousands of animals each year. We are so grateful for your hard work!    

Board of Directors Spotlight- Lindsey Slater

Lindsey has been on MS SPAN board of directors for over 3 years.   Continue reading

When you see something, say something.

Our founder Elaine did not give up on raising the issue of animal welfare at a monastery in Corfu, Greece. Her persistence paid off. Continue reading

Happy Mew Year- $25 Spays Extended Through February!

The Big Fix Clinic has seen an overwhelming response from our $25 spay special this month, so we are extending it through February to help more people take advantage of this deal before their female cats become pregnant in the spring. Continue reading

Director Highlight- Dr. Philip Bushby

Dr. Bushby has been on our Board of Directors since 2007. As a child he developed a strong bond with animals because his father bred dogs to sell, but it was not until his internship at the ASPCA in New York City that he saw the horrifying truth of breeding and pet overpopulation - over 500 animals were being euthanized in the city every day. Continue reading

Happy Mew Year: Get your female cat fixed for just $25 in January!

Kitten season is coming! As the weather warms up, more and more female cats get pregnant. Help us prevent the births of unwanted kittens this spring by spaying your female kitties for just $25 in January! Continue reading