On Giving Tuesday, we raised $935 to help improve the lives of outdoor chained dogs. Max is one of the dogs we are working to help.

Max is a small outdoor dog living in Jackson. He is about 2 years old and has not yet been neutered. He is on a short lead attached to his house. 


 IMG_9451.JPGMax has a sturdy, homemade dog house that is elevated to keep him dry. It just needed a few adjustments to make him more comfortable in the cold.

FullSizeRender_(13).jpgWith some spray insulation, we were able to seal the cracks in his home that let cold air in. We added a flexible rubber mat to the front door to keep the draft out. 











Hay was added in his yard to keep his feet warm and dry, and his house was filled with pine shavings to do the same. 
















Max was so excited about his pine shavings that he couldn't wait to get them out of the bag!


IMG_9175.JPG   IMG_9258.JPGIMG_9172.JPG

Stopping by to take some measurements and give Max snuggles


IMG_9455.JPGHappy Max!



















Max really enjoyed the car ride to the Big Fix Clinic!

















-Max is still looking for a groomer to sponsor a haircut and good ear cleaning.




IMG_9226.JPG Click here to support more dogs like Max.

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