When you see something, say something.

Our founder Elaine did not give up on raising the issue of animal welfare at a monastery in Corfu, Greece. Her persistence paid off.

VICTORY! 2 of our employees went on a Mediterranean cruise last fall. When they visited a monastery in Corfu, Greece,  they were shocked to see many sick cats, like this little kitten in the photo. Our founder Elaine contacted Viking Cruises to seek help for these cats. A local animal welfare group, ARK Corfu, advised her that the monastery did not believe in getting the cats fixed, and that they continued to breed uncontrollably with no medical care. 


Though Viking did not respond immediately, Elaine continued to press for a resolution for these cats. This month, Viking responded by saying that the monastery has agreed to provide short and long term carefor their cats. Our friends at ARK Corfu will be making sure that this pledge is followed through. 


Thank you Viking Cruises for stepping up and taking the welfare of animals seriously! 

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  • Joyce and Harvey Washington
    How wonderful for the little creatures of the world to have Elaine Adair as their champion. What an amazing story !!!!