David, Penny and Nickel

David, or “the dog man” as his neighbors call him, has always loved dogs. His pets have lived happy long lives with him throughout the years. Recently he decided to go to Jackson Animal Control, the city shelter, to find a dog to adopt. He fell in love with Penny.





Thanks to Mississippi Spay and Neuter’s partnership with Jackson Animal Control, Penny was fixed at the Big Fix Clinic.

“I’ve had lots of dogs, but Penny is the first dog I’ve gotten fixed.” 


nickel.jpgJust a week ago, a starving dog showed up at David’s house. David took him in and named him Nickel. MS SPAN staff stopped by to visit with David and Penny and got a chance to meet Nickel. He is terribly sweet and loves both David and Penny. His ears have been docked and most of his teeth are filed out- except for his canines which appear to be filed to a point. All signs point toward Nickel being a victim of dog fighting, and we know he is grateful to be in a safe place now.

With David’s new knowledge of the importance of spay and neuter, he plans to nurse Nickel back to health and bring him to the Big Fix Clinic when he is healthy and strong. He does not want to take Nickel to a shelter where he knows that nobody would adopt him.

Both of David’s neighbors have unaltered dogs, and MS SPAN staff was able to visit with them and encourage them to visit the Big Fix Clinic with their pets. 
Thanks to MS SPAN's supporters and a grant from the Petco Foundation, the cost will be affordable for all of them.


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