Director Highlight- Dr. Philip Bushby

Dr. Bushby has been on our Board of Directors since 2007. As a child he developed a strong bond with animals because his father bred dogs to sell, but it was not until his internship at the ASPCA in New York City that he saw the horrifying truth of breeding and pet overpopulation - over 500 animals were being euthanized in the city every day.

Bushby, as he is referred to by his colleagues, started as faculty at MSU's College of Veterinary Medicine in 1978, where he holds the Marcia Lane Endowed Chair of Humane Ethics.  Through the Shelter Medicine Program that was created by Bushby at MSU, veterinary students are now able to travel to 16 North Mississippi Shelters on the mobile veterinary clinic to perform spay/neuter surgeries, averaging 30 per day. Not only does this give veterinary students a huge opportunity for developing their skills, but it helps them to better understand the pet overpopulation crisis and helps them become stronger advocates for animals. 




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