Dr. Phil Bushby's Tribute To Elaine

I don’t remember when I first met Elaine Adair.

As my career became totally emersed in the spay/neuter world in 2007, it became clear to me that Elaine was the energy and the heart and soul of spay/neuter in Mississippi. She was involved in everything spay/neuter related. As the founder of MS SPAN, Elaine was responsible for the establishment of the Big Fix Rig, the Little Fix Rig, The Big Fix Clinic, voucher programs, transport programs, and referral programs all to promote and support spay/neuter.

All these programs were designed to provide affordable spay/neuter to pet parents/caretakers that could not afford the surgeries at full-service veterinary clinics. There was not a challenge she wouldn’t face head-on; not an obstacle that she couldn’t overcome. Her energy and her commitment were unmatched, and we lost her way too soon.

Dr. Phil Bushby speaking at Howl and Meow at Hal and Mals, an awareness luncheon for MS SPAN

Her legacy lives on with the operations of the Big Fix Clinic and the continued functioning of MS SPAN. Her work continues through the efforts of those that she inspired, those that she encouraged and those that she trained.

Rest in peace Elaine- what you started lives on!

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