Form Letters

Please use these form letters as a starting point to gather support for Senator Hill's animal cruelty bill.

Please copy and paste the form letter below into a text edit document. Fill in your state senator's name at the top and your information at the bottom- you can find your senator here.

You can send completed forms

  • via email to
  • fax to 601-420-2458
  • mail to AAIM 1426 33rd Ave, Gulfport MS 39501

Β We also encourage you to call and email your legislator directly. Remember to be respectful, brief, and stick to the facts.

Tech tips:

  • To sign digitally, open with Doc HubΒ or Adobe Acrobat
  • To fill out on paper and scan- try these free scanning apps from the App Store: Tiny Scanner, Genius Scan

Form letter for citizens

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