When you see something, do something!

 On the early morning of September 26, 2015, I noticed a dog wandering aimlessly in my neighborhood.  At first I wasn’t too concerned because we have lots of dog walkers who let their dogs off the lease but as I watched, I could see the dog was barely able to stand as it walked slowly up and down Finley Avenue.

Alarmed, I grabbed a bowl of food and a leash and went after her.  Lo and behold she came right up to me all the while wagging her tail.  I couldn’t believe my eyes for she was so skinny yet so friendly and grateful.  While I was rescuing her, a neighbor walked by and said that he had seen her earlier.  I could hardly believe my ears because I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to stop to help such a pitiful creature who looks so abused and malnourished. 


Within hours of finding her, Greta aka Skinny Minnie received not only great medical care at Lakeview Village Animal Hospital but also found a loving family.  When Tired Dog Rescue (they were helping to find her a foster home) posted her photos on their Facebook page, they had 58 comments within the hour. Luckily, when one of their supporters and previous adopters saw her, they wanted her so badly that they adopted her the very next day. 


I was so happy for Greta, yet sad to see her go for I had become emotionally attached in the 24 hours that she had entered and departed from my life.  By helping her, she helped me to be a better person.  I could have stuck my head in the sand and pretended that I didn’t see her but how could I?   How could anyone turn a blind eye to this terrible sight and not help?  I believe we must all do our part and through prevention maybe there won’t be many opportunities for others to breed and mistreat dogs like Greta and then cast them aside when they are no longer useful to them.    


Update: Greta's new family named her Pearl, and she has gained 14 lbs so far!  


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