Happy National Feral Cat Day!

Alley Cat Allies launched National Feral Cat Day®  in 2001 to raise awareness about feral (also called community) cats, promote Trap-Neuter-Return, and empower and mobilize the millions of compassionate Americans who care for them. National Feral Cat Day® is observed on October 16 every year. 

To celebrate, we hosted our weekly walk-in clinic for stray and feral cats on October 15th and raffled off a National Feral Cat Day basket to one lucky caregiver! The winner was Amy C! 



We also wanted to share some stories from feral cat caregivers who have used our services. 




This little man, a true feral, came out of the recovery crate and landed
right in my lap. 30 minutes later he was in our home. I don't know how that
happened, but 12 months later, when I helped him cross the rainbow bridge
due to many health issues I knew MS SPAN had given him 12 months of a good
life with us that would not have been possible otherwise. Thank you MS Spay
& Neuter, for enabling us to have quality time with Panther. The Big Orange Guy (BOG) has made our home his home. Thank you MS SPAN!- Judy S.




I brought two Feral cats to you all for spay, who are still alive
today.  One of them decided she wanted to be my friend, so I spent two days
one weekend convincing her she could trust me.  Sister Baby comes in almost
every night to sit by me while we watch TV, and at bedtime, she sleeps right
by my side, as if she is there to ensure I'm well cared for during the
night.  I have three other inside cats, who have accepted her and allow her
to have a space in theirs.  Sister Baby is one of six that I trapped and
brought to you all.  She is a wonderful, beautiful cat that is so loving.
Thank you all for making that possible. -Jan L.


Thanks to the Big Fix Clinic - I grabbed every Momma, Daddy and Teenage cat I could in my neighborhood that were out loose and had them fixed.  For the Mommas - they will have a much better life not having to look out for 5 to 6 little kittens every few months!  For a while there - three Mommas were dropping their broods off on my doorstep when they were 4 to 6 weeks old and leaving them with me and you could see the toll it was taking on the Mom's wellbeing.  After I caught on to what was going on - (catching the kittens, socializing them and then giving them away after two to three weeks) -  I trapped the Moms and we stopped all of that!  In all, I had 7 females and 8 males fixed and  I could NOT have afforded to bring all of the the cats in that I did without Big Fix Clinic offering the low cost spay option to me.  It also put a stop to the cycle of unwanted kittens for the Moms and for me!!! -Delynn S.


For more information on our TNR program, give us a call! 601-420-2438

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