How to Make Sure You and Your Dog Are Good Neighbors

You love your dogs more than anything, but the same may not be true for your neighbors. Constant barking, aggressive behaviors, and dog pee or poo in their yard can upset people who already aren't the biggest fans of animals. But there are plenty of ways for you and your dog to be good neighbors and get along with everyone in the neighborhood.


Keep Your Pup Entertained 


Dogs have lots of energy they need to let out. They can do that through disruptive behaviors, such as incessant barking, digging up flowers, or trying to jump over the backyard fence – or they can engage in playful behaviors that are more fun for everyone. 

Help keep your pup entertained during the day while you're at work by giving them lots of places to play. For a dog-friendly backyard, you can add things like a splash pool, sandbox, agility course, or a dog window in the fence where they can look out at the rest of the world. 

As long as your dog is happy and having fun, they're less likely to get into trouble with the neighbors. 



Give Your Dog a Healthier Life Through Spaying/Neutering 


Do you know the many benefits of spaying (for females) or neutering (for males) your pets? Spaying or neutering, aka "fixing" your pets, can make them less restless and prevent aggressive behaviors. Fixed pets are less likely to try to escape your backyard, and they're more well-behaved around other animals (including the dogs on the other side of your fence).

If you've waited this long to get your dog fixed because of the high cost of the procedure, don't let that stop you anymore. Mississippi Spay and Neuter offers low-cost procedures for pet owners in Richland and the surrounding areas at The Big Fix Clinic. MS SPAN is dedicated to saving animal lives through this service, and the clinic never turns away an animal in need because of a pet owner's inability to pay. 


Clean Up After Your Furry Friend 


One of the most annoying things a dog owner can do is leave little "gifts" everywhere after a walk around the neighborhood. Don’t leave dog doo sitting out, even in your own yard. Aside from the smell and the danger to your favorite shoes, it also spreads bacteria and parasites such as tapeworms. 

Any time you take your pooch for a walk, bring plenty of bags along with you. You can reuse grocery bags or purchase a compact, easy-to-carry doggy bag dispenser. As soon as your furbaby does their nasty business, pick up the pile and dispose of it in your own trash can.

If possible, it's also courteous to keep your dog from peeing on your neighbors' lawns and gardens. Too much dog urine can kill grass and plants. 

Consider Dog Training 

If your precious pup has a problem with barking, digging, or ignoring your commands, you could benefit from professional dog training. Look for a local "dog school" where you and your dog can take classes together. You'll learn to give effective commands, and your dog will learn to follow them. You may even be able to take classes at your nearest PetSmart. 

Training your dog to listen and obey can improve life for you, your dog, and your neighbors all at the same time. 



Happy Neighbors, Happy Life

Grumpy neighbors are never any fun, especially if they're the kind of people who like to call and complain to local authorities. But you can avoid tension and arguments surrounding your furry friends by keeping them out of the neighbors' hair. 

How to do this? Build a safe place for your dogs to play, get them fixed, clean up after them when they go to the bathroom, and train them to obey your commands. 



Jordan Ardoin is a writer and indoor plant enthusiast hailing from Florida. She enjoys reading fantasy novels, cuddling with her bulldog, and collecting succulents (because they’re so hard for her to kill).

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