How to Prepare for a Newly Adopted Cat

So you have decided to add another furry friend to your family – congratulations! The first few days with your new cat can be a little stressful, but it is always worth it in the end. There are steps you can take to make those first few days easier on you and your new adopted cat – the better prepared you are, the smoother the transition will be. 

This post will guide you through how to prepare your home for your new adopted cat, so that you are ready when the time comes to bring them home.


Set up a safe space for them

Cats are picky – especially cats who have spent time in a shelter. When you bring your new cat home, there is a good chance that they are going to be nervous. It is important to set up a place for the cat where they can be comfortable and away from people, in case they are feeling overwhelmed. 

A spacious bathroom or guest bedroom is a good place to set up a comfortable bed for your new cat. Show them where their bed is and let them stay isolated in their space while they adjust to the new sights and smells around them. 


Be prepared to lock away your other pets

If you have other cats or dogs in the house, there is no way of knowing how your new cat is going to react to them. Most experts recommend keeping your other pets outside or in another room while you let the new cat explore the house. Once they are comfortable with their new space, you can start introducing them to your other pets. The key is not to overwhelm them with too many new things at once. 


Stock up on food

Before you bring your new cat home, you want to have their food ready. It can help your cat adjust if they know right away where to find their food and water dish – buy your cat food beforehand and have it set out by the time you bring your cat home. 

It can also help to give them to have a special treat like tuna or chicken prepared. If you only feed your cats dry food, make sure that you pick a brand that has natural ingredients and plenty of nutrients to keep them healthy and happy. 


Make an appointment with the vet

You are going to want to bring your new cat to the vet right away. The most important step in getting a new pet is making sure they are healthy, flea and tick free, and up to date on their vaccinations. 

We recommend making an appointment with your vet before you bring your new cat home. The sooner you can have the check up done, the better. 


Buy the best cat litter

Just like food, you are going to want to be prepared with a new bag or box of cat litter before you bring your new cat home. Make sure that the litter you pick out is safe, non-toxic, will be comfortable on your cat’s paws and won’t leave a mess. Look for a litter that clumps, to reduce waste, and will not cling to the cat’s feet and get spread around the house. 


Get your accessories

Last but not least, get ready to bring home your new adopted cat by stocking up on your favorite kitty accessories. Pick out your new collar, tags, bed or whatever else your cat will need – you can even start thinking about names!

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