Impactful Strategies for Helping Local Pets in Need

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Impactful Strategies for Helping Local Pets in Need


Animals in every community are currently experiencing life-threatening situations. Some are being abused while others have been abandoned on the street. Other animals are still “in the care” of their owners yet malnourished and neglected in other ways. 


Are you ready to make a difference and help local animals in need? Mississippi Spay and Neuter has listed some tips and resources to help you get started:


Support Local Organizations

Perhaps the simplest way to help pets in need is to support organizations in your community that are already working toward the same goals. 


  • Look for local animal shelters and rescues that need boots on the ground. You can help with feeding, cleaning, and anything else the organization needs. 
  • Donate money to local organizations, or national animal organizations who work locally that align with your values
  • Donate bedding, food, treats, toys, and other goods to charities.


Start an Animal Nonprofit

Do you have a mind for business? Launching a nonprofit organization could be a surefire way to make an impact on animals in your area. 


  • Clearly define your mission and goals before diving into forming your organization. 
  • Work with a board of directors to stay on mission and make critical decisions.
  • Build a brand that will help you promote your cause to the community and world. 
  • Get the word out about your brand by posting on social media. You can use a Facebook ad template to create high-quality messaging with your own graphics like a logo or photos.
  • Mississippi Spay & Neuter is looking to mentor Mississippians in starting spay/neuter voucher programs in their community. Contact [email protected] for more info.


Take More Pets In

If your lifestyle accommodates (or can accommodate) pets, consider bringing one or more home with you. 

  • Consider fostering an abused, neglected, or abandoned pet until the shelter can find them a forever home
  • If you’re ready for the commitment, adopt a pet and make any lifestyle adjustments necessary. 
  • If you already have pets, treat them like kings and queens so you’re well-practiced to help others!

Trap, Neuter & Return Feral Cats

  • Mississippi Spay & Neuter can provide traps and show you how to use them
  • Mississippi Spay & Neuter’s Big Fix Clinic can spay/neuter and vaccinate these cats 
  • You can greatly improve the lives of these cats by providing food, water, and simple shelter. By getting them fixed, you prevent others from being born into homelessness.


There are suffering pets in your neighborhood and region that you could start helping today. It could be as simple as volunteering or donating to an established organization or as elaborate as launching your own nonprofit. Or you could make a significant impact by fostering or adopting a pet. Consider the tips and resources above, and keep learning how you can get involved in your community.

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