Killing is killing: It's time to change the paradigm

Although MS SPAN is not involved in saving exotic animals like Cecil, we were devastated to learn of his tragic death at the hands of an apparently unenlightened and truly narcissistic individual who kills defenseless animals for sport.  A trophy hunter who lives for the thrill of the hunt.  How sad that he and others like him can never appreciate the beauty of splendid beasts like Cecil, the king of the jungle.

Sadly, we in the companion animal (dog/cat) world are just as angry as the followers of Cecil about the endless torture and killing of defenseless dogs and cats.  We are still struggling to understand why anyone would even contemplate doing such a terrible thing in the 21st century.  Is it because they like the trophy hunters can get away with it?  Or do they just like killing?  There are some who see these small creatures as being disposable and just like fast food containers many get tossed into trash cans.  And if we are lucky, sometimes we find and save these baby kittens and puppies that are clinging to life in these piles of garbage.

To STOP the needless suffering of cats and dogs and make them desirable to have, there must be a dramatic decrease in their numbers so that they become rare like the diamonds we treasure.  We must adopt “PREVENTION” and be diligent in promoting spay and neuter as the best “CHOICE” in preventive surgery.   Let’s be “AMBASSADORS” and promote spay and neuter as the answer to ending the crisis of pet overpopulation so that thousands of dogs and cats waiting in shelters will really have a chance of being adopted into a forever, loving home!



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