LaTonya and Tiny

LaTonya moved to Jackson from Atlanta with her husband and son two decades ago. "I love it here. This is home."

Her husband developed diabetes and his medication caused bladder cancer, which ultimately took his life in 2013. Overcome with grief, LaTonya did her best to make it on her own. Shortly after, she had a brain aneurism, which caused her to slip into a coma for over a month. Her health challenges continue to make life difficult and work impossible. 
LaTonya receives help from the Good Samaritan Center, who helps refer pet owners to our organization. Tonya received her dog Tiny as an Easter gift, and was overjoyed that tiny could be spayed with our help. 
"I've been all by myself. It's so lonely, and it's been really rough. Having Tiny with me has saved my life." 
Tiny was spayed and vaccinated for rabies, and is doing great. LaTonya took lots of business cards so that she could spread the good news to her friends and neighbors. 




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