Moving from Mississippi to Florida with a Pet

Pearl, Mississippi, has its share of benefits, such as an affordable cost of living and many
amenities. But if you've made the decision to move to Florida, whether for work or to enjoy
the beaches and vibe, you must adequately prepare. This includes taking your pet into
account. Moving can be difficult for both of you; however, you can take steps to improve the

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Get Pet Insurance 
If you don't already have pet insurance, look into it now. Essentially, pet insurance
is medical coverage for your pet. It helps ease the burden of pet medical expenses,
including sick and well visits, medications, emergency care, and surgery, and is simply the
most effective way of keeping your pet healthy.
During your transition from Mississippi to Florida, your pet could sustain an injury, or it
might handle moving to Florida poorly and need mental health assistance. Plus, you may
already be spending a great deal on moving, and the last thing you need is an unexpected
pet medical expense. 
It's beneficial to shop around for pet insurance as not all policies are the same. Therefore,
when comparing, consider how much coverage you receive with each policy. Check the
premiums and deductibles to ensure you choose an affordable option that provides a
decent amount of coverage rather than requiring you to pay a high deductible before it
covers anything. 
Inquire about any age limits on coverage. Some policies cover pets of any age, but others
may have limits. Policies specifically for senior pets are available that you may want to
consider if you have an older pet. 
As you're comparing, be sure to get quotes and look at customer reviews. 

Consider Hiring a Pet Sitter 
If you're packing your belongings for the move yourself, think about hiring a pet sitter to
keep your pet company while you're busy. If you have a dog, the individual can come to
your Pearl home and take your pup for a walk or play fetch to keep it occupied. This way,
your pet isn't underfoot and you don't have to worry about them getting outside every time the
door opens.
As a reminder, always review your options before hiring. 

Hire the Right Moving Company and Transport Service
Compare moving companies carefully. Search for ones that specialize in interstate moves to
avoid wasting valuable time contacting companies that only do local or state moves. You
want one that works quickly but keeps your items safe, so check reviews first. 

As you compare, look at the prices and consider what services you need. For instance, do
you want them to only move the items, or would you like them to pack them as well?
Always choose a company with the proper insurance to protect your belongings.
Besides a moving company, also check for a pet transport service, and compare your
options if you don't plan on transporting your pet yourself. 
Once you hire the movers, let them know to move your pet's belongings last. This eases the
stress on your pet.  

Move With Pets With Ease 
Careful planning and comparison shopping can make moving with pets easier on you and
them. It also helps to have a pet insurance policy before you begin the process. For
information on spaying and neutering your pet, contact Mississippi Spay and Neuter.




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