Mural Fundraiser

Spay & neuter dogs and cats in need by commemorating your beloved pet on a mural at the Big Fix Clinic! The mural will be painted on the clinic's interior walls. 


Art by Azha Graham. See more of her work here! 

3.5' x 3.5'- $1,715 (spays/neuters 54 animals)

2.2' x 2.2' - $855 (spays/neuters 20 animals)

1' x 1' - $435 (spays/neuters 6 animals)

Please send at least one high-quality photo via mail or email to [email protected]

Dimensions are for illustrative purposes only. Your pet's portrait may not be square, but will cover the full square footage that you request.

Questions? Call Shelby at 601-420-2438 x25



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