Post-Op Instructions


How to Take Care of Your Pet After Surgery

  • Keep your pet indoors for 7-10 days.  Dogs are only to be walked outdoors on a leash.
  • No running, jumping or playing for 7-10 days.
  • Check the incision daily for any redness, swelling or discharge.  If you notice any the above mentioned symptoms or any concerns, call us at 601-420-2438.
  • Sutures do not have to be removed, they will dissolve on their own.
  • No bath for 7-10 days or water on the incision.
  • Do not put ointment on the incision or cover the incision with anything.
  • Do not allow pet to lick the incision. This can cause the incision to become infected or opened up.  E-collars are recommended to keep the pet from being able to lick.
  • Use dust-free or paper-based litter for cats 3-4 after surgery.  Dust from clay litter can irritate the incision.
  • At time of surgery, pets are given 2 different types of pain medication by the clinic staff.  One of the medications last a few hours and the other one lasts about 24 hours.  After 24 hours, your pet may be sore, but should not be in pain.  If you think your pet is in pain, contact us at 601-420-2438.


Main Causes of Post-Op Complications

  • Owner allowing pet to lick or irritate the incision in any way
  • Owner failing to restrict pet’s activity and allowing pet to run, jump and play
  • Owner allowing foreign substances (such as dirt, water) to get into the incision
  • Pet not properly wearing an e-collar

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