Pre-Op Instructions

What You Need to Know Before Surgery 



We are located at 657 Hwy 49 in Richland. From Interstate 20, you will go through only one red light on 49 before reaching our building. You will go over a bridge and pass the shopping center with Mi Cabrito Mexican Restaurant and Anytime Fitness. Just after this shopping center, you'll see a large sign saying "Mississippi Spay & Neuter". Our building is behind and to the right of Mississippi Title Loans- it is a grey building with red awnings. Make sure that your GPS does not take you to OLD Hwy 49- you want the regular Hwy 49.


Check-in is from 7:30-8:15am. No animals will be accepted after 8:30am, no exceptions.

Payment is required at check-in. Failure to pay at check-in will result in your appointment being canceled. Due to COVID-19, we are currently accepting debit and credit cards only. No cash or check is accepted.

Park in the lot to the side of our building. When you arrive, please sign in at the small table located at the front corner of the building. We will text you when it is your turn to check in.

For the animal's safety, leave them in the vehicle. Once you have checked in, we will have you bring the animal through the side entrance.

Tame cats must be in a carrier or a secure, humane box. Only one cat per carrier unless the cats are littermates and both able to lay down and turn around. Feral cats must be in a humane trap. Dogs must be on a leash. 

If your pet has a current rabies vaccination, please bring their rabies certificate with you at check-in. We cannot accept rabies tags as proof of vaccination.



Due to the rise of the Delta variant and both the transmissibility and breakthrough cases of COVID-19 in vaccinated individuals, the Big Fix Clinic is following current CDC guidelines.

All clients and visitors over 2 years of age are required to wear a mask. Only one individual per household is allowed inside at a time.


Please pick your pet up between 4:30pm-5:15pm. We close at 5:30pm. We accept debit and credit cards only. No cash or check is accepted.


All animals may have water. For animals over 4 months of age: no food after midnight the night before surgery. For animals under 4 months of age, no food after 6am the morning of surgery. If #AnimalName# has not fasted, he or she may vomit during surgery, which is a choking risk.


Check out this video so you know what to expect after your pet's surgery.



Consent Form: Please fill out the consent form that was emailed separately to provide consent to operate. This is a big time-saver at check-in.


If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]

We look forward to your visit at our clinic and to taking good care of your pet or community cat. 

The Big Fix Clinic



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    We love ❤️ and appreciate everyone,! we appreciate your kindness and business because y’all help people with low incomes to keep the pet population in check. We will continue to donate as well! The Welch family
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