Pre-Op Instructions

What You Need to Know Before Surgery 



We are located at 657 Hwy 49 in Richland. From 49 southbound, turn at the large white "Mississippi Title Loans" sign. Our building is behind and to the right of Mississippi Title Loans- it is a grey building with red awnings. 


Check-in is from 7am-7:45am. No animals will be accepted after 8am, no exceptions. Park in the lot to the side of our building. When you arrive, sign in on the sheet located at the corner of the building. Return to your vehicle and we will text you when it is time to check-in.

For the animal's safety, leave them in the vehicle. Once you have checked in, we will have you bring the animal through the side entrance.

Tame cats must be in a carrier or a secure, humane box. Feral cats must be in a humane trap. Dogs must be on a leash. 

It is required that only one person from each party leave the vehicle. No children under 18 are permitted inside the building. Clients must wear a mask and must sanitize their hands before entering the building. Spots outside the front entrance are clearly marked in order to practice social distancing. Clients who do not follow these rules will be asked to leave.


Please pick your pet up between 4pm-4:45pm. We close at 5pm. Due to COVID-19, we are currently accepting debit and credit cards only. No cash or check is accepted.



All animals may have water. For animals over 4 months of age: no food after midnight the night before surgery. For animals under 4 months of age, no food after 6am the morning of surgery. If #AnimalName# has not fasted, he or she may vomit during surgery, which is a choking risk.


Check out this video so you know what to expect after your pet's surgery.



Consent Form: Please fill out the consent form that was emailed separately to provide consent to operate. This is a big time-saver at check-in.


If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

We look forward to your visit at our clinic and to taking good care of your pet or community cat. 

The Big Fix Clinic



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