Stories from the 30,000

When The Big Fix Clinic celebrated it's 30,000th spay/neuter surgery, we asked for your stories and photos of the pets you have had fixed there. Thank you for all of your wonderful responses! 



Kim P.- Here is a pic of our beautiful, deaf Toby just a few weeks before I brought him in for his neutering in October 2011.  MSSPAN took such great care of him.  Congrats on the 30,000th pet fix, MSSPAN!


Vanissa W.- This is Boudreau.  I have brought Charlie (his son), Bandit (cat), and referred others there. 




Jessica N. -I rescued my sweet Rocko off of the side of the road in Arkansas. I took him to a clinic in Arkansas and they guessed he was around 6-7 weeks. He quickly stole my heart and became part of my family. I brought him to the Big Fix Clinic a few months ago. Rocko is guessed to be a border Collie mix. He loves his home in Yazoo City and gets along with our other dogs. He's a happy pup with an infectious personality. He just turned one and I'm so happy he came into our lives. 



Heleena M.- Tank was one of your 30,000 pets. He was a rescue. He loves life and hangs out in the recliner. He's full of energy! 

Thanks! Scratchy was also one of your 30,000 pets.



 Janice M. -  I am proud to say that my babies have played a part in the 30,000 that have been fixed at the clinic. Spank & Shorty are brothers. My best friends mother was in the hospital very ill and her nurse was a sweet lady whose puppy had a litter and she could not keep them all.  I got Spank when he was eight weeks old and my best friend got Shorty but because of her hectic work schedule she wasn't able to properly take care of him.  I did not want them as brothers to be separated so I took shorty as well.  They are my babies and I absolutely love and adore them.  The Big Fix Clinic was a blessing to both me and my babies.



We love to hear your stories- keep 'em coming! [email protected]

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