The Amazing Health and Happiness Benefits of Cats

While anyone who's been around cats knows how much fun and joy they can bring to our lives, more and more research now indicates they also make us much more healthy than we ever thought possible. With scientists working everyday to make one discovery after another, cat owners can now use science to prove what they knew all along - that their furry feline friends can help them feel better physically, emotionally, and even spiritually.


For example, let's talk about stress. Whether it's a hectic family life, workplace responsibilities that seem overwhelming, or worrying about various world events, there's enough going on in our lives to make us pull out our hair or just want to curl up in a corner. However, rather than doing any of this, it's better to let a cat curl up in your lap. By doing so, you'll not only sleep better and reduce your stress and anxiety, but also reap numerous health benefits.


Research shows that by being around your cat you'll be 30 percent less likely to have a heart attack or stroke, you’ll lower your blood pressure, and reduce your cholesterol, making it well worth it to have a kitty become your constant companion.


If you happen to have children, owning a cat can help them be healthy as well. By having a cat with them while they're very young, kids decrease their chances of developing asthma and allergies, resulting in fewer doctor visits. In fact, studies have shown that cat owners of all ages go to the doctor far less than people who don't own cats, adding up to as much as $1 billion saved on medical costs annually.


One more amazing benefit before we turn you over to this infographic...cats tend to get us moving and exercising more, and that’s important when even an extra 30 minutes per day can be hugely beneficial. By helping your cat chase a ball around the room or find the catnip mouse they lost earlier in the day, you'll get up and moving, which will help your body and your mind. And when you feel better physically, you'll notice additional benefits such as less depression, increased energy, and a more optimistic view of the world around you.


Whether you're looking to get more exercise, a better night's sleep, or just want to feel more optimistic each day, there's no doubt cats can bring this and much more to your life.


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