What is a feral cat?

Lately there has been some confusion about what cats qualify for the "Feral cat special" of $15 at our clinic. The reason we offer this special is to help reduce the population of wild cats in communities and to encourage people to take the time and effort to trap them. 

•The $15 price is for feral cats only
•Feral cats must arrive in a trap and receive an ear-tip to identify them as being fixed (as shown in photo)
•Friendly stray cats and pet cats do not qualify for the feral cat special. They do not need to arrive in a trap and do not receive an ear tip. 
•The cost for friendly cats is $55 for males and $65 for females. If you need assistance with the cost, we can help!

Click here for a printable feral cat spay/neuter flyer.


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