What you can expect when you get your pet home

  • Your pet may be lethargic/tired and lay around a lot. If your pet continues this for more than 48 hours, call us at 601-420- 2438.


  • Your dog may whine a little due to being uncomfortable. This may continue for 24 to 48 hours after surgery. If it continues for more than 2 days, call us at 601-420- 2438.


  • Staggering when walking or standing is normal. The effects of the anesthesia should wear off completely within 24 hours.


  • Your dog/cat may or may not have an appetite; both are normal. It may take up to 2 days for the appetite to return. If your pet has not eaten within 2 days, call us at 601-420-2438.


  • It may take a couple of days before your pet has a bowel movement, especially if their appetite is decreased.


  • Straining when passing a bowel movement is also normal, especially with females. Remember their abdomen is sore from having surgery.


  • Soreness is to be expected for up to 7 days. Tenderness around surgical site is also normal.


  • If your female dog was in heat at time of surgery, a small amount of bloody discharge from the vulva is normal for up to a week.


  • Your male dog’s scrotum may swell to its normal pre-surgical size and is considered normal. If the scrotum swells to a size larger than this, call us at 601-420- 2438.


  • If at any time if you are concerned or have questions about your pet regarding spay/neuter surgery, give us a call at 601-420- 2438.

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