Why Can't My Older Pet be Fixed at the Big Fix Clinic?

At the Big Fix, we are equipped for spay/neuter surgery only. As with any surgery, anesthesia comes with risks. 

It can be dangerous or deadly to put an animal with underlying health problems under anesthesia. As a pet gets older, these risks increase, just like in older humans. 

We provide subsidy vouchers to a full-service veterinary clinic that participates in our voucher program for animals 6 years of age or older, as well as for animals with chronic health issues. 

Blood work and x-rays can detect pre-existing factors that increase geriatric surgery risks. The Big Fix Clinic is not equipped with x-ray equipment or extensive blood analysis capabilities. 

We understand that a voucher may not be as convenient as visiting our clinic, but we will not risk the safety or life of an animal. There are no exceptions to this policy. 

If your pet is 6 or older, we can help your pet by providing a subsidy voucher at our local participating veterinary clinic, Pineview Animal Hospital. Click here to get the process started. 

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