Request an Appointment

Please note that the demand for low-cost spay/neuter is very high. If we do not have any spots available, you can check back for openings. There will be a $10 deposit due at the time of making the appointment, this amount does go towards the total due.

If unable to find an appointment, or for additional questions, please text: 601-420-2438.


Other low-cost options (not related to our organization):

  • Available for pitbull/pitbull mixes OR if you receive public assistance (including Medicaid, Medicare, VA Disability, Social Security Disability, Current Unemployment Benefits, Social Security Retirement, Food Stamps, Aid to dependent Children), MARL spay/neuter vouchers: 601-969-1631. MARL can provide you with a list of veterinarians that accept their vouchers; we do not accept them at the Big Fix Clinic.

  • If you are an active service member or veteran, you can apply for a spay/neuter voucher here: These vouchers can be used at your personal veterinarian or at our clinic.