Big Fix Clinic Price List

Spay and Neuter Services

If you cannot afford our regular fees, please let us know. We can work with you to find a price you can afford. 


        Female                Male         

 Friendly or Semi-Friendly Cats

$60 $50

 Feral (wild) Cats

 Must be wild, arrive in a humane trap, and receive an ear-tip. 

$10 $10

 Dogs 3-39lbs

$75 $65

 Dogs 40-74lb

$85 $75

 Dogs 75lbs+

$100 $95


Add-On Services
Only available at the time of surgery

       Cats                         Dogs           

 Rabies Vaccine

 Required if not current

 $10 $10

 Annual Vaccine

 FVRCP for cats, DAPPVL2+CV for dogs

$15 $15

 Bordatella Vaccine

 Dogs only. Vaccinates against kennel cough

- $15

 Nail Trim

 We do NOT offer declawing and advise strongly against it. Learn more about declawing here.

$7 $7

 Hernia Repair

$15 $15

 Additional Pain Medication

 Two pain medications are included with the cost of surgery, one of which lasts 24 hours. Your pet should not be in pain after the included pain medications wear off, but soreness is to be expected. Additional pain medication is a 3-day optional supply and is administered orally starting the evening after surgery.

$10 $15



Extra Fees


  Cats                        Dogs           


Pregnancy- 1st Trimester



 Pregnancy- 2nd Trimester

$10 $20

 Pregnancy- 3rd Trimester

$15 $25

 Chryptorchid Male

 Testicle has not descended into the scrotum

$15 $15

 Double Chryptorchid Male

 Neither testicle has descended into the scrotum

$30 $30




     Cats                      Dogs            


 Includes lifetime registration. With a registered microchip, dogs are 2.4 times more likely to make it back home after being separated from their family. Microchipped cats are 21.4 times more likely to be reunited with their family!

$25 $25


 Worn around the neck to prevent pets from licking incision. 

$10 $10


 Flea pill that works for 24 hours. Kills live fleas.

$6 $6

 Advantage Multi 

 Monthly topical treatment. Treats Microfilariae.

 Dogs: Treats and Controls Fleas, Hookworms, Roundworms, Whipworms and Sarcoptic Mange

 Cats: Monthly topical treatment. Treats and Controls Fleas, Ear Mites, Hookworms and Roundworms

$16-19 $14-16

 Cardboard Cat Carrier

$5 -


 Dogs: Treats tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms

 Cats: Treats tapeworms, hookworms, and roundworms

$6 $8-16

 LRS Fluids

$4 $4

 Humane Trap Rental

 Refundable Deposit