The Big Fix Clinic

 Mississippi Spay and Neuter provides low cost spay and neuter surgeries for cats and dogs 4 days per week at The Big Fix Clinic in Pearl, MS.


Referral Program

MS-SPAN operates a referral service for Mississippi residents looking for affordable spay/neuter services in their community. If interested, please call 601-420-2438, or go to locate services for more specific information.


Voucher Program

MS-SPAN will provide financial assistance (vouchers) to Mississippi residents living in counties where no affordable spay/neuter programs exist, or where no clinics exist, for as long as funding is available. 


Annual Conference

 An all-day conference for animal welfare workers in Mississippi.


Animal Advocacy Initiatives of MS (AAIM)

Animal Advocacy Initiatives of MS (AAIM) is a coalition of animal advocates working to lobby for animal welfare issues across our state.