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  • Jessica Moulder
    I didn’t get an email stating When my appointment would be for my cat and I want to make sure I have the right Day wrote down,, how do i request to find out?
  • Linda Walker
    I’m sorry that I’ve been unable to return a call from the Big Fix clinic in Pearl, MS. I cannot find a contact form or email address that goes directly to the clinic other than the request for appointment form. I suffer from Meniere’s Disease, both eye & ear related, which means talking on the phone, being on my tablet, can cause an episode. I’m still recovering from my injury also…from one of my Rescues that we found in an empty lot, only 2 wks old, raised on bottle & bits of meat, was here little over 2 yrs, then he changed…a week before the attack, RescueJack began acting strangely…he didn’t recognize my husband…I’ve had cats/kittens in my life since I was 4 yrs old. I have never been attacked by any animal, much less one of my own pets. Jack was a Manx…growing up in the country, every summer of my youth, after Jack’s attack on the both of us, it dawned on me that I had been warned about ‘those short-tailed wild cats’ every summer, from my Maw. In fact, Jack’s dad was the first Manx I had ever seen! And he was mean….he charged me several times when I tried to run him off from here. He’s gone now but he left behind a couple of his offspring which roam around the park. Most all of the Toms here are in poor health because they stay on-the-hunt, fight constantly, and eat very little. My right arm and wrist were severely damaged by Jack…he’s solid muscle and went for the kill. He broke my heart…and fractured my wrist also. Can someone please contact me via my email acct given on the Request-for-Appointment form? I had questions about the 2 Rescues I have now, inside. The 3 Ladies that are outside, have kittens and look pregnant once again…I hope I’m wrong. I’ll check my acct in a couple hours as I need to rest a while…headache again. Thank you & With A Smile, LindaReducer
  • Kevin Fish
  • James Taylor
    I can not find ANY link to request a voucher!