George or Gracie? Why it's important to fix before 5 months

Did you know that female cats can become pregnant as early as 5 months? Elaine learned that her cat, whom she thought was a male, was actually pregnant and in her 3rd trimester! At The Big Fix Clinic, we can fix cats as soon as they weigh 3lbs, at about 12 weeks old. 


"I found this sweet kitty in August at about 5 weeks old. Named her Gracie. My vet later told me Gracie is a George. I brought George to you today to get neutered. Found out at pick up time that George was in his 3rd trimester ! Say what!?!? Gracie is now at home resting. Thank you all for your help today and not letting my he/she kitty populate ! 😂😂"  -Elaine B. 

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