6 Tips for Managing Your Multi-State Household When You Have Pets

According to estimates, around 7.5 million Americans owned second homes in 2018, with Florida being the most popular state for people to purchase a second home. Owning a second home has multiple benefits, such as a place to vacation or a source of passive income. However, it can also come with costs and logistical challenges, such as what to do with your pets. These tips from Mississippi Spay and Neuter can help. Continue reading

4 Reasons to Protect Your Pet Against Fleas

As pet owners, we all want to keep our furry friends healthy and happy. This means that you not only have to get treatment if they fall ill or have a health issue, but you also need to protect them from experiencing health issues in the first place. For instance, making sure your pet has regular health checks and is inoculated can provide an excellent level of protection against myriad health issues. Continue reading

Tips on How to Start a Business With Your Furry Companion Tagging Along for the Ride

Starting a business from scratch is never easy and could be more complicated if you have recently welcomed a new pet. But you have to handle both responsibilities simultaneously. Challenging as it may be, having your pet by your side while you build your business could give you the encouragement you need to enjoy those days that aren’t quite going your way. So if you are taking a pet along with you on your business journey, here are some helpful tips on how to make it pleasant for you both. Continue reading

Want To Keep Your Senior Pet Healthy and Happy? Consider This Advice

Pets offer a special kind of companionship, which is why many Americans consider them part of the family. In fact, research shows that in the U.S., there are more than 84.6 million pet owners. Of course, as pets age, they develop different needs. To keep your senior pet comfortable and healthy, follow these tips. Continue reading

Moving from Mississippi to Florida with a Pet

Pearl, Mississippi, has its share of benefits, such as an affordable cost of living and manyamenities. But if you've made the decision to move to Florida, whether for work or to enjoythe beaches and vibe, you must adequately prepare. This includes taking your pet intoaccount. Moving can be difficult for both of you; however, you can take steps to improve theexperience. Continue reading

How Much Does it Cost to Care for a Dog in Mississippi?

Dogs are a joy to live with, bringing us a lot of enjoyment and companionship. BusinessInsider reports that the benefits of owning dogs include greater general health andwellbeing, as well as better mental health and removes feelings of loneliness. Butalthough we love to live with them, providing dogs with the best possible care may becostlier than one might expect—especially in the Magnolia State. If you live in Mississippi, here’s how much it costs to care for a dog in 2022. Continue reading

How to Catify Your Apartment: Expert-Approved Tips and Tricks to Transform Your Space into the Ultimate Catopia

Check out the recent Redfin article we were featured in:How to Catify Your Apartment: Expert-Approved Tips and Tricks to Transform Your Space into the Ultimate Catopia Continue reading

Why Starting a Business in the Petcare Industry Is a Great Idea

Dogs are a man's best friend; this saying couldn’t ring more true for the many Americans wholook at their beloved pets as one of the family - and treat them like one too! It's no surprise thenthat the pet industry is a profitable sector to be in, especially for those who are interested instarting their own pet care business. If that’s you, here are some tips to help you get started right. Continue reading

5 Tips for Caring for Your Senior Pet

Pets transition into senior adulthood stages at different ages depending on size, species and breed. As pets age, their needs change significantly. Since they can’t tell you about their challenges as they age, the best way to care for your beloved pets is to remain aware of aging symptoms and observant of behavior changes that warrant your attention.  Continue reading