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When it comes to supporting the cause, sharing with your friends is so important! Help us spread the word about our #GivingTuesday campaign and our goal to raise $10,000 for our Community Cat Fund by November 28th. Remember, for each friend you recruit who makes a donation, you'll get an entry in our raffle to win a Baratza Gourmet Coffee Grinder and Bean Fruit Coffee! 

Get started now! Use the suggested social media posts and images below, or get creative and customize them to make them your own. As an Ambassador you make a difference by actively sharing stories of how our programs have helped you and your pets, and by asking friends and family to join you in spreading the word. 

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Join me this #GivingTuesday in supporting Mississippi Spay and Neuter- The Big Fix Clinic and their Community Cat Fund! Give, share, or tag a friend! 



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Join me this #GivingTuesday in supporting @ms_span and their Community Cat Fund! Give, share, or tag a friend! #spayandneuter #mississippi



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Join me in supporting @miss_span this #GivingTuesday. Their #CommunityCat Fund helps reduce the population of stray cats in our communities! Give, share or tag a friend. #spayandneuter #mississippi #catlovers

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