Judy Stein's tribute to Elaine

Elaine-what a ball of fire she was.  Elaine was one of the, if not the, most committed and passionate individuals I have ever met.

So how does a rocket scientist go from that to spay and neuter?

I met Elaine via email.  I asked Elizabeth from ARF what my best next steps were with my colony of feral cats, and she suggested I contact MS Spay & Neuter.  I emailed MS Spay & Neuter on a Saturday night and Elaine responded within 5 minutes.  She told me about traps I could “rent” from MS SPAN and what to do.

About a month later we were both exhibiting at a conference on the coast and I got to meet her face to face.

If you ever met Elaine face to face you know you’re hooked.

Elaine walked the walk.  I also got to meet her colonies of cats in Gulfport and at her home on the way to the Pass.  I truly wish all ferals/strays were treated as Elaine and her husband Harold treated theirs.

Judy and friends at Spaytacular, MS SPAN's annual fundraiser


Thank you, good friend, for all you did.   I know you never wanted thanks; you did what you did because it was necessary in your eyes.

And you were, as usual, right.

I miss you.  You were a light and a force to be reckoned with!

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