Mississippi’s Top 10 Dog Parks and Beaches

With deep southern roots, the Magnolia State was named for the mighty river that makes up the entire, larger western border. There’s many places you can take your four-legged friends to enjoy the sand, especially beaches to the south along the Gulf Coast. There’s also plenty of dog parks to take them to explore the great outdoors.

Unless your pet suffers from Canine Vestibular Apparatus (that’s a fancy, technical term for motion sickness), consider many of these dog-friendly venues in Mississippi that made their way into our top ten list:




1. Hancock County Beaches - As long as they’re kept on their leash, dogs are welcome to roam the sandy beaches along the seawall of this lengthy string of county beaches running along the Gulf Coast. At the south-western tip of Mississippi, these well-kept beaches will expect you to pick up after your pooch as with any other location where your dog is welcome.


2. Ocean Springs Beach - This is actually a private beach run by the city, but the public is welcome to use these sandy shores. The same as stated above, your dog must be leashed and be sure to take nothing but pictures and leave nothing behind except your footprints.  


3. Bonita Lakes Park - Run by the city of Meridian, this park meanders into many parts of Bonita Lake Parks trails where dogs must be leashed, but the hiking is spectacular. There are some areas where dogs aren’t allowed, so be mindful of the signage.  


4. Olive Branch City Park - The last of our watery venues, another location where your dog must be on leash, this city park has fun for the whole family with extensive walking trails, lakes, tennis courts and sports fields. There’s also a pavilion, three indoor complexes (dogs not allowed inside) and an amphitheater to attend special events and functions.


5. Seabee Dog Park - Just about a mile northwest of Gulfport near the coast, this is a fenced dog park where Fido can run free in two different, large confinement areas. One reviewer on Facebook called it “a perfect dog day.”


6. Petal Dog Park - Another off-leash adventure can be found at this venue with separate areas for large and smaller dogs to roam and play. This community sponsored park has no set time limits so you can bring your best friend to enjoy the outdoors day or night with ample lighting available).


7. Moncrief Park - More off-leash playtime can be found at Moncrief Park, specifically at the Starkville Dog Park. A public swimming pool and playground equipment round out this outdoor venue that’s popular with families and their pets.




8. Pampered Paws Dog Park - This off-leash park is part of the Pampered Paws Pet Resort where members are charged a $20 annual fee to enjoy over two acres of fenced and scenic grounds for you and your pet to roam.


9. Biloxi Dog Park - There’s plenty of fenced areas where your dog can wander and play in Biloxi at this popular park. With benches for their masters to relax and wide open spaces to play fetch, frisbee and other favorites, this is a great park for man and beast.


10. Brees Dog Park - In Jackson, you’ll find this fenced venue that has separate areas for the large and smaller canines to run amuck. There’s a long list of rules to follow when you’re inside the parameters of this park, but most of them are fairly obvious. They round out the regulations with a request that you and your best friend have a great time here!






Travel junkie, Amber Kingsley, is a freelance writer living in Santa Monica, CA.
Her art history background helps her hone in on topics that are of interest to readers.
She is a dog enthusiast and loves spending time with her pomeranian, Agatha.







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