TNR- Trap, Neuter, Return

TNR stands for "trap-neuter-return" and is a way of managing feral (wild) cat populations. Not only is it the most affordable option, but it is also more humane and more effective than trapping and killing feral cats. 


Many good samaritans take care of cats in their communities and get them fixed at The Big Fix Clinic. Susan H. trapped Rachel and Rascal, and they are now fixed and ready to be released back into their neighborhood!

Are you interested in practicing TNR in your area? Give us a call and we can help you borrow traps: 601-420-2438

TNR at The Big Fix Clinic

Walk-in appointments every Thursday at 7:30am

Cats must arrive in a humane trap

For outdoor feral (wild) cats only

All feral cats will receive spay/neuter surgery, rabies vaccine, and ear-tip. 

Pick-up same day at 4:00pm

Cost is $10 per cat

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  • Ruby Miles
    Looking for a tnr program near Laurel or Waynesboro MS. We have several feral cats that sure need fixing. We would be willing to make a donation.
  • Beth Dudley
    I will!
  • Shelby Sifers
    Hey William- here is some info about why ear-tipping is the universal symbol of an altered feral cat-

    We can accept two cats per person at The Big Fix Clinic. Let us know if you need to borrow some traps!
  • William Rutledge
    How many can you bring at once? I have a momma & five almost grown kittens. While wild I have the mother fairly tamed now & the kittens skittish but come up to eat when I call them but scatter If you try to touch them. It has taken me many months to get the mother & babies to this stage.
  • William Rutledge
    Is it really necessary to ugly up their ears. I know they feral but they still pretty!