Trapping the Texaco Ten

On top of being the caregiver to many older, high-maintenance cats and a dog of her own, Vicky stops by and cares for ten cats at the local Texaco daily. Over the course of more than 6 months, she has successfully trapped ten cats from the gas station, brought them to our Big Fix Clinic to be spayed or neutered, and returned them to their colony! 




Without Vicky, this colony would be exponentially larger every few months. Cats can begin breeding before 5 months old, and will go into heat over and over until they get pregnant- having as many as 4 litters of kittens each year! Can you imagine how fast these ten cats would have grown to one hundred or more? 





Recently, Vicky lost one of her wonderful senior cats, who suffered from diabetes. Despite constant care, his health continued to decline. It was his time.

Serendipitously, a small kitten from the colony found her way to Vicky the very same week.  Her eyes were both swollen shut from infection. She couldn’t see in order to eat or keep up with her mama and was being left behind. 



Now named Elizabeth, Vicky took the kitten to the vet to be assessed. She is underweight and received antibiotics for an eye infection, but is well on her way to recovery in her new home! 

We are so grateful for the time, effort and resources that people like Vicky provide for animals in their community. Their dedication to spay and neuter saves countless animal lives in our community! 


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